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Surround yourself & enjoy living with flowers, greenery & the aroma.

I really love living surround the flowers and greenery. 

(flowers/greenery shop is my favorite place to go! Also love collecting flower patterns of everything!)

When surrounded by flowers, I always heal / calm down deeply my mind using my five senses, make me smile naturally and forget about everything at the moment! 

I think most of people feel the same way.

I slowly started to dry to preserve the flower that I really like(Herbarium) from my garden or local fresh flower shop.

Why I started making Herbarium bottle isn't only I wanted to enjoy flowers a little bit more.

These Herbarium bottle made me forget about sickness / bad feeling also.

When I was really sick(morning sickness; I never had bad sick before, and this was the first time in my life) and always laying down the bed, I just watching my Herbarium bottle through natural sunlight or light, they always shown me different colors /shapes, I just surprised how beautiful they are when they floating in the bottle.

Actually Wikipedia said Herbarium means "A herbarium (plural: herbaria) is a collection of preserved plant specimens and associated data used for scientific study".

However in Japan, we called Herbarium for these kind of bottled real dried / preserved flowers soak in special oil based liquid. 

Because I think it keeps beautiful color beyond the time and these way can be enjoying timeless.

Herbarium bottle is one of enjoying way of flowers!

You don't need to worry about wither flowers or watering when you go to vacation.

They are always beautiful for a while even real flowers (around 3 month to 1 year )

And I promise you when you see actual Herbarium bottle, you feel enjoying it!

In special occasions such as special flowers by wedding/birthday/mother's day or something special for you, I can make dried flowers and making these Herbarium bottles for you also. 

Or if you have requested a favorite color / for shower gift, I'll make for you custom made!

Herbariums are the perfect interior items to decorate your room / table / bathroom / office / restaurant etc, or to give as ONE OF A KIND gifts to someone special.

Please contact me if you have any questions / request, or collaborate with.

I love making & creating things to share with others in hopes that it will inspire them to pursue what they love to do in life too.




J A D E  G A R D E Nではプリザーブドフラワーだけでなくガーデニングや生花からの手作りのドライフラワーも製作・使用しております。









J A D E  G A R D E Nの作品が皆様のライフスタイルの何かに繫がりますように・・・

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ハーバリウムは水やりや日当りなどを気にせず、綺麗なお花やグリーンを気軽に楽しめるアイテムとして最近人気を集めています。 水中にふわふわと揺れるカラフルなお花は、癒し効果も抜群です。 プレゼントとしても喜ばれ、意外と簡単に手作りもできるこのハーバリウムを一緒に作ってみませんか。 (費用は材料費・お茶代込みです) Herbarium can...
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